Jona Dance was founded in 2019 by artist and creative Monique Jonas.

It was created as means of providing a platform for silenced voices to be heard through contemporary dance within the UK.

Here at Jona, we believe that art is created by the people, for the people; so we intend on creating work that is inclusive and accessible to more than just a select few.

We pride ourselves on valuing and uplifting artists as we recognise that we are more than just dancers and creatives!

We hope to channel that authenticity into all the work that we do.

We are here  to promote the inclusivity of experiences through art by offering alternative narratives, boosting visibility and understanding the impact of positive representation in dance!

Jona Dance want to use art as a reminder for artists to harvest the very essences that makes us who we are. Let's celebrate our differences!

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"Art helps us identify with one another and expands our notion of we-from the local to the global." Olafur Eliasson

"The principles of true art is not to portray, but to evoke." Jerzy Kosinski



What we are working on







A new media project created to encourage positive representation within the arts in the UK.
Through a series of videos, interviews and photoshoots, Project Skin Deep is here to boost visibility within contemporary dance.  
It's here to encourage authentic representation, whilst encouraging the empowerment of the individual artist. It's here to show that art is more than just skin deep.

Toh-Kuhn is anecdotal and honest; it brings light to the voices of the deliberately silenced. A muscular interpretation of what it means to be seen and not heard. A gentle reminder to find more than just a whisper amongst the crowds.

Duration: 18 Minutes

Choreographer: Monique Jonas
Performers: Ihsaan De Banya, Imogen Alvares, Monique Jonas                     

Lighting Design: Joshua Harriette          

Currently on hold due to Covid-19





Close To You Music Video

Movement direction and 1-1- movement coaching



Resolution Dance Festival

The company's first creation and live performance. This trio focuses on the idea of what home is, and offers the dancers experiences on what it feels like to be seen but not heard.



Gallery Commission

A solo exploring the black hole of experiences surrounding mental health. 
"I was given this life because I am strong enough to live it!"




Artistic Director/Choreographer

Monique began dancing with the Chance to Dance programme before training at the Arts Educational Schools London in musical theatre and jazz dance. She completed her training at the Rambert School. Upon graduating, Monique has worked with Rambert Dance Company-A Linha Curva and Garsington Opera, Sally Marie, Hubert Essakow, Kim Brandstrup, Arcade Fire, Theo Adams Company and Chris Thomas Dance to name a few. She joined Mathew Bourne’s New Adventures for the creation and UK tour of Romeo and Juliet. Alongside this Monique has worked with Richard Alston Dance Company since 2016  and finished with the company this year.


Dancer/ Creative

Ihsaan was born in London and trained at The Place as part of its youth dance programs, Shift and CAT. Following this, he then went on to train at London Contemporary Dance School. During his time as a student, he danced work by Jose Agudo, Tom Dale and Theo Clinkard amongst others. Once graduated, Ihsaan danced with Richard Alston Dance Company for 5 years, performing numerous works by Alston and Martin Lawrance nationally and internationally, he was also commissioned to make work for the company's 2014 At Home Season. Ihsaan has also performed work by Trisha Okenewa, Renaud Wiser, James Wilton Dance, Tavaziva Dance and Clod Ensemble. Ihsaan is passionate about youth dance, and is currently the Rehearsal Director for Shuffle Youth Dance Company, and a teacher on The Place CAT.


Dancer/ Creative

Born in London, Imogen was raised in a musical household with both her parents being classical musicians. Since graduating from Rambert School, Imogen  has worked with and performed pieces by Sharon Eyal, Ohad Naharin, and Benoit Swan Pouffer as part of Rambert2. Most recently she joined Michael Keegan-Dolan’s company Teac Damsa for the creation process and performances of MÁM. She has also previously worked with Didy Veldman, Mark Baldwin, Darren Ellis and for Chrysalis London and is currently working on her Masters degree.


Dancer/Lighting designer

Joshua is a Lighting Designer, collaborating within the field of dance.
He is interested in creating a visual mood and environment. Sensitively giving space, allowing ambiguity, manipulation and heightening the use of all senses. Joshua has had the opportunity to design lights and collaborate with Mark Baldwin, Julie Cunningham, Kerry Nichols, Arielle Smith, Fraser Buchanan, Richard Chappell Dance, Mthuthuzeli November, to name a few. These projects have ranged from, large-scale works at Sadler’s Wells to small-bespoke performance settings. As a dancer, Joshua has worked with companies; Michael Clark, Richard Alston, Matthew Bourne’s New Adventures, Ballet Black & INALA. Along side company work, he has also modelled for Diesel, Gucci, Asos, Alexander McQueen, Puma, BBC Arts, Pringle of Scotland, as well as been featured in various fashion publications.



Sakeema is an international dance artist, model and trans activist, working across Contemporary, Commercial and Fashion industries. Sakeema graduated from London Contemporary Dance School in 2015 with a first class BA(Hons) in Contemporary Dance and has toured works by Shobana Jeyasingh, Fevered Sleep, Hubert Essakow, Alexander Whitley and Gandini Juggling to name a few. Sakeema also vogues and is a part of the London Ballroom Scene. She performed for Years and Years’ Pyramid Stage set at Glastonbury last year, Glitterbox Ibiza and Christian Louboutin for the London Ballroom Scene. Current projects include the development of her own solo works and an ongoing collaboration with Keiken collective after a commission for Jerwood Space last autumn, their CGI Film Feel My Metaverse is currently being presented across Europe. Most recently Sakeema premiered Holly Blakey’s new work in collaboration with Vivienne Westwood Cowpuncher My Ass.




"...beautifully atmospheric staging for Jonas's subtly biting Toh-Kuhn."

Sanjoy Roy

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